Blue Point
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Creating salty beer designs for a salty
brewing company.

Blue Point is a no-bullshit coastal brewing company in Patchogue, Long Island.

Known for their New York attitude, their salty dockside humor, and their tasty assortment of amazing hometown-inspired craft beers, Blue Point is a longstanding favorite for many East Coast beer aficionados.

Since being acquired by AB-InBev in 2016, they are also one of the fastest growing breweries around.

BluePoint Wall PeopleWalking

Staying peculiar
and growing up.

AB-InBev hired DDW in 2016 to do a project – and it’s been a love fest partnership ever since.

We’ve designed over a dozen of their craft and seasonal beers and even a few national brands – each one with its own take on the oddball dockside personality that has always defined Blue Point.

Distributed nationally, ‘The IPA’ is a New York style IPA with bright hoppy overtones and a classic big city attitude.

Inspired by New York’s most famous pop-culture icon, ‘The IPA’ is available as a Warhol-like series of differently colored cartons – perfect for a cookout, museum opening or street art campaign. And of course, there has to be a hint of nautical humor tossed in. Can you spot the hidden fisherman enjoying his relaxing day in the city?



DDW Blue Point

Keeping watch on the brand and
loving every minute.

Working with Blue Point is a blast. Each project is fast paced and collaborative. Our work typically begins with some lively brainstorming sessions with the Blue Point team, from which we develop clever concepts, ridiculous brand names and playful package designs that bring each beer to life in the oddball sea-side spirit of the Blue Point Brewing Company.

Each of our Blue Point beer labels tells a story, And each one is a crowd pleaser on Instagram. Oh and the beers are pretty damn good, too.

Bluepoint Bottle
Bluepoint can

“DDW immediately understood our peculiar personality and brought it to life.”

DDW Bluepoint Can