DDW Portfolio Tazo

Tazo Tea Brand Packaging Design

DDW Portfolio Tazo Tea

Infusing energy to
a quiet classic.

Tazo Tea is considered by many to be the archetype of the tea aisle.
With its exotic ingredients and many unexpected blends, Tazo has been first choice of many steadfast tea drinkers for decades.

And in a tea aisle filled with hundreds of many-colored, florally-patterned packs and overly romanced stories, the iconic Zen-like Tazo design system has stood out quietly and confidently – bringing a breath of calmness to the category chaos.

But the category is changing as are today’s tea drinkers. They are no longer just the demure china-cupped tea-sippers we used to associate with hot tea. Todays tea drinkers are young and fast-paced on-the-goers, who enjoy their teas in mugs, glasses and bottles.

DDW Portfolio Tazo Flavours

‘’An amazing design solution that was brought to life in a unique way.’’

— Unilever Client

Unexpected with
a twist.

Our first step was to craft a unique and engaging brand story that expresses the brand’s role within the category while appealing to today’s demanding millennial tea shoppers.

Drawing on the brand’s authentic origins, we created a vibrant story about the brand’s passion for seeking out the most unexpected ingredients, which are then blended into deliciously unexpected flavors – always with a unique, intriguing twist.

DDW TAZO Flavor Burst

Bursting with

Tazo’s new design honors the brand’s profound heritage by retaining the stunning white canvas, bold iconic logo and distinctive ingredients imagery. But it is now bursting with delicious and flavorful energy. The brightly colored ‘tea’ splashes create a bold backdrop for the ingredients, which have not only awakened, but are now dancing about wildly delivering delicious taste cues.

Various tea segment types are cleverly identified using colorful dots, and flavor names and descriptions are clean, simple and organized, so shopping for a favorite flavor is effortless.

The design extends around the packaging and the story is clever and engaging, creating an enjoyable package-in-hand experience.

With a massive portfolio with over 160 SKUs, our design will ensure this classic brand will continue to confidently rule the retail shelf and kitchen tea cabinets across America. It’s just not going to do it so quietly as it did before.

DDW Portfolio TAZO Flavor Burst