Estrella Jalisco

Estrella Jalisco Brand Identity and Packaging design

Estrella Jalisco


Authenticity in every bottle.

Brewed since 1910, Estrella Jalisco has been a local favorite throughout the western Mexico state of Jalisco for decades.

So, when Anheuser-Busch decided to introduce this ‘cerveza favorita’ to the US market, they hired DDW to refresh the packaging design.

As beer packaging experts (and beer drinking aficionados) the DDW team sweated every detail; the colors, the crest, the typeface, everything.

The new design evokes the rich history and proud traditions of Mexico. The red, blue and yellow label is a nod to the flag of Jalisco and the crest is inspired by the Guadalajara coat of arms.

We hope our design honors this beer’s glorious roots and garners the respect of discerning Latino beer lovers.