You never forget your first ride

Whether you were on a bike or a skateboard or a go-cart.
That sense of being let loose, the wind on your face and arms.
Alone and free in the world. You can go anywhere and keep going.
Like you’re flying.

You know what we’re talking about. You may have been seven years old, but it still stays with you. That one moment of feeling absolutely alive. And you keep looking for it. To experience it again. And again.

We got to teach a bike company how to fly.

At DDW, we’ve been chasing that feeling of our first ride all our lives, searching for the perfect bike. We found our true love with Vintage Electric’s amazing eBike. Our love of all things with wheels and motors helped us discover the story of this fledgling brand as they hand-craft their way into the quickly evolving eBike scene.

First, we audited the competition and then conducted in-depth interviews with the company founders.  Much like the pioneers of Silicon Valley,  the Vintage Electric team works out of a renovated garage space not far from Apple, Google, and Facebook. It’s a place where new technologies come to life, where they do advanced tinkering and dream big. In their crowded workshop, they pioneered a new kind of bike for a new way of riding. Not really biking, not really motorbiking — something in between that feels amazing.

That became the essence of the Vintage Electric Bike brand story — a story that’s much more than a tale about a great bike.  It’s a story about the emotion of riding a Vintage Electric. From there we polished up their logo design and re-crafted their marketing materials, including an oversized newspaper-like brochure which they handed to thousands of enthusiastic fans at Interbike (International Bicycle Expo) in Vegas.

Let’s Fly.

About Vintage Electric

Vintage Electric bikes are styled with classic lines to give you a sense of motion even when standing still. They chose a smooth accelerating, quiet and efficient electric motor with a battery three times more powerful than regular e-bikes because it makes the ride feel like you’re flying. Oh, and they added a boost mode because, well, sometimes you want to go really fast. At Vintage Electric, they build all of the bikes by hand from best materials in the world.

“It’s about that one moment of feeling absolutely alive — and you keep looking for it. To experience it again… and again. We’ve been chasing that feeling of our first ride all our lives, searching for the perfect bike to bring it back to life. So, we started a company to build it.”

– Andrew Davidge, CEO and Founder

We boil it down to a simple formula for 21ST Century success: Deep Brand Story + Fresh Brand Design = Restoring The Human Touch For 21ST Century Success

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