Del Monte launches “first-ever adult fruit cup.”

Del Monte

Del Monte Fruit Refreshers

This month, Del Monte launched what it says is the “first-ever adult fruit cup.” The packaging design for the new Fruit Refreshers line uses black and bold colors, bigger cups and grown-up varieties to better satisfy adults looking for a convenient, fresh, healthy and tasty snack.
Del Monte has initially developed two flavors in the line: (1) Pineapple in Passion Fruit Flavored Slightly Sweetened Fruit Water and (2) Mandarin Oranges in Slightly Sweetened Coconut Water. Each variety is 100 calories or less per cup and contains one serving of fruit. The products contain no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The packaging is free of the controversial chemical bisphenol-A (BPA). At 7-ounces, the cups are larger than the typical fruit cups marketed to children and they have a tall, tapered shape. Another difference is these products are sold in a 2-pack multipack instead of the usual 4-pack.

The black packaging caters to the more sophisticated adult consumer and proved to be a clear winner in connoting an adult offering while delivering on our promise for a more unique and elevated fruit snacking experience.

Large, cascading fruit photography coupled with a vibrant splash help highlight the unique flavor combinations while also making an impact at shelf.
Bold typography was leveraged to give the package a bit more personality and depict the healthy snack as a bold and refreshing change in the fruit cup aisle with the new fruit cup that’s all grown up.

The cup is not only larger, but it’s a different shape than other fruit cups. Why this particular shape?
Komvopoulos: The cup is larger, 7 ounces versus the typical 4 ounces seen in the category. The larger cup allows a larger amount of fruit, meant for a more adult portion size. The cup is curved which makes it more convenient to hold and gives an update to the classic fruit cup shape.