GDUSA honors DDW with two design awards


We love the December 2016 issue of GDUSA Magazine as it features two amazing projects from DDW. The magazine has always featured great design from around the country and the December issue does not disappoint.

The Let’s Get Good! Orange and Pineapple juice packaging won an American Graphic Design Award for packaging. DDW created the brand story, name, identity, and packaging for this upstart brand from Santiago, Chile.

“Package design and related disciplines are increasingly the difference makers in advancing the brand and influencing the purchasing decision.” —  GDUSA

Our other award was for the brand identity and packaging for equipment upcycler Requip’d. They are a Los Angeles-based company that manufactures an array of useful tools and gear from broken carbon fiber hockey sticks. Our favorites are the bottle openers and BBQ tools – although some say the toilet plunger is really cool.

“The GDUSA annual competition celebrates attractive graphics, of course, but more importantly the power of design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth. ” —  GDUSA

DDW is a Bay Area-based brand design firm that specializes in stunning design solutions that create 21st Century success for our clients.

We’ve been in business for 20+ years, have long-term relationships with many of our clients and have won numerous awards for our creativity.

We’ve come to believe that our changed world calls for a new —and deceptively simple— equation: Deep Brand Story + Fresh Brand Design = The Human Touch for 21st Century Success.

We believe great brands know that the 21st Century consumer expects more than ever before. Enlightened brands understand that every point of contact on the customer engagement journey is an opportunity to not only meet an immediate need, but to surprise and delight, to connect emotionally in a human way and build a long-lasting relationship.

Great brands understand that every touchpoint along that journey adds up to a larger brand story – and a compelling story is key to long-term brand success. Great brands embed their story in every aspect of the product experience from the inside out – from the initial experience of touching your package, to the visual language, the colors, shapes and textures of the brand, to the brand’s voice and the way the brand behaves in the community and the world.

Brand design grows directly from your deep brand story. Brand design aligns the physical and digital expressions of your story in a coherent and meaningful way. Brand design tells your story by tapping into all the human senses – through imagery, color, type, shape, texture, language, and tone.

DDW is a San Francisco-based design firm with 20+ years of experience helping clients create deep brand stories and fresh brand design. Current clients include Anheuser-Busch, Alcatel, Big Heart Pet Brands, Campbell’s, Energizer, Sprint, Seattle’s Best Coffee, The Men’s Wearhouse, and The Non-GMO Project and several other undisclosed assignments.

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