The DDW Millennial Spotlight – #2

Psychology Today says that Millennials are stressed out because of the pressure being put upon them to “keep up” with the changes going on around them. In fact, the article states, they found that college students change their major an average of three times before graduating, and nearly six-in-ten employed Millennials have already switched careers. Thus, while most believe choice contributes happiness, too much of it can be paralyzing. The overwhelming response to that freedom is, “What if I make the wrong decision?”

Praia Parker, an expert-in-residence at the Harvard Innovation Lab, calls this phenomenon FOBO: Fear of Better Options. Millennials, says Parker, suffer from persistent anxiety about our “might-have-been lives” and “the ones that got away.”


Where did you go to college? UC Berkeley

What did you study? Studio Art and Modern Art History

Where did you grow up? SF East Bay Area

What do you think of this business? LOVE IT. This is my dream job frankly, as it means I get to utilize my ultra-practical side in the service of art (my heart). I always knew I’d end up working in the design world, this is my angle!

Why San Francisco? The East Bay is my home and I really love both Berkeley and Oakland as they have a lot of soul. A sunny day in the Berkeley is pure heaven and if you take a drive up to Grizzly Peak on a clear night, you can see all the way to the Pacific, with everything all three bridges in between.

What do you do in your free time? I hike a lot with my dog, eat a lot and love to have friends over for wine and dinner on my deck

What’s your favorite technology or app? Mostly Facebook and Instagram. Because I grew up without an emphasis on technology (I didn’t get to use a computer until high school) I don’t feel a need to diversify my app preferences and explore all the new options (why does snapchat exist?). I didn’t have any social media profiles until I was 21 and even then, a friend set it up for me and told me I had to use it!

Uber or Lyft? Uber. Lyft drivers are chattier…I’m an introvert 😉

Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? Facebook – it’s a way I can keep up with folks from college…see what they’re doing with their art careers, or otherwise.

Favorite band/musician? Young the Giant, Queen

Favorite food? Boot and Shoe Service, Oakland because artisan cocktails followed by artisan pizza is the way to my heart. I was just there Saturday and forgot how much I love the vibe and the food.

Are you excited, scared, disgusted re: politics etc? Scared and grossed out…also sad.

What are YOUR opinions on Millennials? Millennials are many things. I’d say generally I’ve seen enough selfies to last 10,000 lifetimes and the invention of the selfie selfie stick?! Oy vay. Growing up now (and in the 90’s/2000’s) is so different than when our parents grew up. There’s a huge focus and pressure put on being “fulfilled” vs. just finding a job. Social media has allowed for a lot of ‘image curating’, which means our friends all seem to be living perfect lives, even while they likely have all the same worries and afflictions. This is real life!

Opinions on design trends that you think are in vogue?

The DDW Millennials are here!

The DDW Millennials are here!

Too many options + too little time = Millennial life.


Where did you go to college? Academy of Art University San Francisco

What did you study?  Graphic Design

Where did you grow up? Santa Barbara, CA

What do you think of this business? I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love my job and the work I get to do. I always love having new challenges and opportunities to learn about different industries and products. I feel blessed everyday I get to do this for a living.

Why San Francisco? Is there a cooler city? I think not, food, art, music, it has it all. Its the epicenter of what’s cool to me. Being a native California I feel its the best city in California, with a beautiful combination of architecture and nature.

What do you do in your free time? Music, music and more music. I play a lot of instruments and have produced a full length album of my work this past year. Besides that, I love taking little adventures with my awesome girlfriend or just hanging around our place with our little cat buddy.

What’s your favorite technology or app? A new app that I find pretty cool is an app called Periscope which allows you to upload real time live video to your feed of followers. Its great for following musicians who will sometimes use it to capture their own live show.

Uber or Lyft? Uber. Never even tried Lyft, pink mustache in the beginning probably ruined it for me.

Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? The Gram, it was the first and probably last social media outlet I will use. Never got a Facebook if you can believe that. Instagram seemed better for the larger art community. Its great, I pretty much use it as an inspiration feed, not so much to keep up on what friends or family are up to.

Favorite band/musician? Band: BADBADNOTGOOD (As of now ‘cause I can never name an all time favorite band) Artist: MADLIB (Hip-Hop Producer – his music changed my life and continues too. All time favorite artist all around)

Favorite food? Bull Valley Roadhouse – Port Costa, CA. Best flipping meal and drinks of my life. Highly recommended!

Are you excited, scared, disgusted re: politics etc? All of the above except excited. Don’t think I have ever been excited about politics.

What are YOUR opinions on Millennials? They are curious bunch. Its seems everyone is trying to pin point, group and label them but what I have found out from my own personal experience, is that they could not be a more disjointed generation. The internet has allowed everyone to really explore and see what’s out there so they can better define themselves. The by product of this is that we know have millions of Millennials with all different view points and interest.  To try and group them altogether and say they like this, or do that is a little unrealistic to me. Too many times have I heard generalizations on Millennials and felt they could not be more wrong, but then again, I’m just one millennial.

Opinions on design trends that you think are in vogue? Real, authentic and smart. Simple and minimalistic are just buzz words that get tossed around too much for the wrong reason. Some design requires detail if its appropriate, and some doesn’t. It all comes down to what you are designing for and who is using it. Trends come and go and the only thing I know for certain is that it is all one big pendulum swing, eventually what was not in, will be.

Stay Tuned for the next installment on the DDW Millennial Spotlight…