DDW and Meyer Corp team up to design new cookware line 

DDW is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Meyer Corporation to create the brand identity and package design for Ayesha Curry’s debut cookware line.

The challenge to the DDW team: Set the Ayesha Curry brand apart from other celebrity-endorsed cookware with a design that captures Ayesha’s sparkling personality and her devotion to cooking and family.

DDW went immediately to work — exploring the essence of the Ayesha Curry brand and digging deep into the crowded celebrity-endorsed cookware marketplace.  The DDW Design Team then created a range of brand identity and package design possibilities — all with an eye towards breaking through the clutter and capturing the uniqueness of the Ayesha Curry brand.

The result: A sunny optimistic package design, featuring a distinctive Ayesha brand mark combined with candid Polaroid-style shots of Ayesha at home and in the kitchen – all to convey her love of family, food, and fun.

“The creative DDW came back with was top notch,” said Kirk Loveland, Senior Director, Creative Services and Marketing Logistics at Meyer Corp. “I’ve been doing marketing for 30 years, and this was the first time I called an agency back and spoke to the president to tell him how pleased I was with his staff. The DDW team goes above and beyond! I have nothing but praise for them.”

Thanks, Kirk.  And thanks to Ayesha Curry for inspiring us all to re-connect with our inner chef!

Special thanks to Jon Ragel for the amazing photos of Ayesha jonragel.com