Brand Engagement Is An Ever Evolving Landscape.

You got to love this business! The way brands engage with customers is constantly morphing, shifting, expanding.

Packaging is advertising. Advertising is content. Content are experiences. Experiences are digital.

That’s why at DDW we’ve assembled a highly skilled team of thinkers, storytellers, designers, technologists, writers, producers, event planners (and more) to help solve our client’s toughest marketing problems. Our award-winning creative teams work with a variety of brands and have cracked the code on capturing the hearts and minds of Millennials and Gen Z as they scroll, shop, buy and share online. According to USA Today, Gen Z is expected to represent 40 percent of all shoppers by 2020 and currently influences $600 billion of family spending. Move over Millennials!

Over here at DDW, we’ve been racing to design all sorts of experiences and creating lots of social video content. We’re embracing new technologies to help us push the boundaries and find ways to engage and grow our client’s relationships with their customers. We’re witnessing in real time the transformation of how brands engage with customers. Everything is more personalized, customized, and instantaneous. Seems like 8 seconds is new magic number.

We’re creating brands and content for the Direct-to-Consumer marketing space — seamless brand experiences, from social to eCommerce. Our digital muscles have grown and adapted to this evolving landscape. But we still rely heavily on strategic brand storytelling and our design driven agency DNA.

Check out our latest work for Layla Sleep. We’re helping Layla grow and mature as a brand. The DTC Memory Foam Mattress arena is a blood bath and Layla has thrived with engaging content and stunning visuals. We’re proud to have had our hands in that. Go Layla!

It’s a brave new “digital” world. Can your brand survive in this new brand landscape?

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