Brand Design: The New Advertising

By Mike Goefft, Managing Director – DDW SF

I recently made a career move from advertising to brand design.  And I’ve quickly concluded there’s never been a better time to be in the brand design business.

It’s not that advertising is dead.  Advertising continues to morph into new digital formats bombarding us from everywhere. But advertising is a game of cat and mouse.  Ad blockers are a way of life.  There’s even technology now to block the ad blockers. And the trend continues to lead in one direction.


packaging design

Packaging Design is the New Advertising

Enlightened brands understand that every point of contact on the customer journey is an opportunity to not only meet an immediate need, but to surprise and delight, to connect to build a relationship, and to connect emotionally.

Great brands understand that every touchpoint along that journey adds up to a larger brand story, and a compelling story is the key to long-term brand success.

Great brands embed their story in every aspect of the product experience from the inside out – from the performance of the product, to the experience of opening the package, to the shape and feel of the product, to the visual language of the brand, to the way the brand interacts with you personally, to the way the brand behaves in the world.

At DDW, we believe that great brand design is the mighty (and continuously branching) tree that grows directly from your deep brand story.  Brand design aligns the physical and digital expressions of your story in a coherent & meaningful way. Brand design tells your story by touching all the senses – through imagery, color, type, shape, texture, language, and tone.

And the one place where it all comes together is your package.  It tells consumers why your product and your brand are different.  It’s the physical and more tangible experience of your brand that your customer can touch, feel. It delivers functional benefits but also an opportunity to create an emotional connection.  It’s the medium that has the most impact at the key moment in the journey.  While people are tuning out advertising, they are picking up and opening up packages and experiencing what your brand has to offer.

So whatever else you may be doing to support your brand, we’ve come to believe that our changed world calls for a new —and deceptively simple— equation:

Deep Brand Story + Fresh Brand Design = 21st Century Success.