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Millennials are hungry for authentic fast casual food, thinking nothing of spending $14 on a tasty gourmet sub. The Teplitzky brothers of Atlantic City, NJ, looked to DDW to serve up the right design for their new sub shop to make it the go-to place for Monterey’s hipsters.

Our design team tapped the brothers’ Boardwalk nostalgia to inspire everything from custom signage, murals, and packaging, to menu boards, uniforms, and a mobile friendly website.

The result: An East-Coast-meets-West-Coast original with a rabid Instagram following.

Brand Identity  /  Retail Signage  /  Retail

We derived inspiration from vintage imagery of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. These images portray amusements on display at this historic landmark, dating from the 1890’s and including “Lucy” the Elephant and The Diving Horse Show. To add to aura of authenticity, Terry and his brother are pictured as children, with their mother in the bottom, right image.

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