It's a Perfect Day to
change the world.

Perfect Day, a top Bay Area food tech startup, is setting out to revolutionize the world of dairy. They found a way to create dairy proteins that are nutritionally identical to those that come from a cow, but are completely animal-free. That means delicious dairy made without factory farms, a primary source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Touting multiple rounds of investments and establishing themselves as a global leader in their field, their goal is to become the trusted partner for food makers and entrepreneurs developing new alternative animal-free dairy products – ideally using Perfect Day dairy protein.

The Perfect Day team knew that the next step in their company’s growth was to truly solidify their brand through a unified strategy, look & feel.

They also knew it was time for the world to taste what they’ve been promising – the first-ever, delicious tasting ice cream made without a single cow.

Will work for
ice cream.

In early spring of 2019, the Perfect Day team reached out to DDW.

The ask? An airtight brand story and strategy, updated logo, clear brand voice, and a refreshed identity and look & feel system.

Oh, and they also needed to sell and ship the never-before tasted ice cream by early July. That meant a revitalized brand, a fully functional website including e-commerce and how-we-do-it videos, ice cream packaging and unboxing, and an ice cream truck to generate buzz.

The timeline: Just over 3 months.

Our answer? Ab-so-freakin-lutely.

Dairy Made Perfect.

DDW knew that the Perfect Day brand strategy, personality, design, and messaging needed to be perfectly in sync. It also needed to be fully approachable and clear to anyone who wanted to learn more, be that the general public looking into animal free/vegan alternatives or their ultimate target, food makers and entrepreneurs.

Working closely with the company founders, DDW crafted the Perfect Day brand story and voice.

We developed an approachable yet informative design system that blends the science of the Perfect Day product with the cheerful optimism and bold action of the brand.

Our work also included a refreshed identity, a photoshoot to further express the exuberant Perfect Day brand personality, a lively animated ‘How We Do It’ video that cleverly explains the science behind the product, a new engaging and informative website, and some ice cream packaging, which, just like their incredible animal-free ice cream, is delicious.

Everything launched right on time and Perfect Day’s ice cream sold out in one (perfect) day. Riding on the excitement and buzz around their revolutionary new technology, Perfect Day plans further announcements in the near future. And DDW will be there right by their side.