Reigniting an American Icon.

Kingsford is the American charcoal brand. It’s right up there with baseball, picnics and apple pie.

But the world is changing. Millennials are grilling less – and gas grills and alternative fuels, like pellets and lump charcoal, are attracting new consumers.

So, in preparation for its 100th birthday Kingsford needed some love. So parent company Clorox challenged DDW. Modernize the iconic Kingsford package and bring some swagger back to the brand.

Henry Ford and Barbecue Bob.

Learning this brand began in 1920, as a byproduct of Henry Ford’s Model T factory, we immediately knew we had to honor Kingsford’s rich heritage.

We also had to deal with ‘Barbecue Bob’, the handsome, hand-drawn neighborhood guy that’s been grilling on the front of the Kingsford bags since our parents were kids.

Celebrating Kingsford’s heritage.

The DDW design is clean and welcoming, an invitation to take time and share some delicious grilled food with family and friends. It looks great leaning against the wall of your patio – or stacked in a pile at the hardware store. It’s amazing how important the butt end of the bag is, but that’s what we look for when buying charcoal at the store.

We tweaked the classic red, white and blue identity – a slight clean up, but also a necessary one. What an honor refining such an iconic identity.

And because Kingsford is about to celebrate its 100th birthday, we added ‘Since 1920’ to the package and crafted a short blurb reminding grillers of the brand’s remarkable history and its important role in Americana.

Finally, Barbecue Bob will no longer be seen grilling on the bag. He’s finally home, enjoying his prized burgers with the family. Thanks for your service, Bob.

“DDW is collaborative, passionate, and impactful. They care about what they’re doing. They ensured that the outcome was something we’d all be proud of. We’re very happy with the results.”