DDW Launches “Instagrammable” Branding for Layla Sleep

Brands are using “Instagrammable packaging” and unboxing experiences to help connect with their audience and create digital “word of mouth” activity across social media.

So this is a real thing. People spend a lot of time on Instagram. I’m not even talking about Millennials. It seems like everyone is posting, watching, engaging and using Instagram as a way of entertaining and sharing and keeping up on what’s going on. And brands have been aiming their digital marketing strategies at “content” so naturally if they have a product – it better look damn good on Instagram. Advertising on social media has gone crazy. Products are being created just for the platform.

And now we have officially have entered the era of instagrammable packaging design. Brands want their packaging to be fun and colorful. It seems like this strategy will boost your content marketing efforts, increase engagement, increase sales, and improve the way your customers feel about your products. So bring out the big bucket of florescent paint and let’s do this.

Okay – hold on. Sure, big, bold graphics and daring use of colors will bump up the ability for brands to gain more eyeballs. But at what point do you need to align your brand story with your brand design? Authenticity is just as important as eye candy.