Homegrown wholesomeness

Annie’s Homegrown was a tiny niche brand, available primarily in natural channels and with a very loyal and dedicated fan base.Offering delicious organic cereals and snacks for kids, the brand was founded on a genuine commitment to social and environmental responsibility. In fact, many consider Annie’s, with its authentic personality and offbeat charm, to be a pioneer in the whole food movement.

But they were ready to grow. They were launching new products and needed to reach more shoppers. Of course, they wanted to stay in natural stores, but they really wanted to get into mainstream grocery and mass retailers.

With big goals and a pledge to never lose their personality or what they stand for, Annie’s turned to DDW.


Staying Quirky.

Honoring their integrity, transparency, and of course, Bernie, Annie’s childhood bunny, DDW created a design that was both honest and audacious. The vivid purple packaging featured an iconic die-cut window that revealed the wholesome organic ingredients inside.

We made sure every panel of the package was fun to read. We even included silly games and puzzles on the back. And we made sure that every syllable of copy expressed the brand’s honest – yet quirky – personality.

Moms loved the healthy transparency and kids loved the bunny shaped window – and the delicious foods.

And Annie herself was thrilled, because this evolution was still her real deal.

Win. Win.

In the first 12 months after launching the new design, Annie’s saw 100% growth and found their way into many new retailers, including grocery and mass.

And they became the beloved standard for ‘better for you’ brands. Everyone loves Annie’s.